CYOA Chapter 4

Hello World

Last week was an absolute disaster for Paige. Losing Indie, not getting her wetsuit and having to look after Indie again after spending a whole day with her. Last week Indie decided that a computer could go in the dishwasher. Now let’s see what happens next.

Last night was a disaster. This morning was frantic. It was the day of Regionals. It started off really badly because mum had just found out about the whole computer issue. My computer has all of the applications for Regionals on it. Now we were going to have major issues.

“Oh Paige I accidentally mistook my computer for yours last night” said Toby

” So…. my computer isn’t trashed?”

” No? Well then, where’s mine?”

” Funny story.” I’ll tell you later, I have to go.”


At least one good thing happened during these last two days. I now needed to focus on the comp. My biggest threat was Lain Harley. She was the best in Sydney. I have to win if I want to go to nationals and be crowned best surfer in NSW.

I couldn’t stop thinking about Summer’s party. My mum did tell her mum that I couldn’t come but Summer was still going to kill me. If only she was here to see me shred the waves.

My family was coming down later. Dad takes me to surf comps since he is my temporary coach. Now that my computer isn’t trashed we will have no dramas. But I have lived with myself for so long their is bound to be a problem of some sort.

We signed in and headed to a shady part of the beach. My heat started in 10 minutes so I had to be nice and quick.

I hopped in my old salty wetsuit and grabbed my board. My board was covered in patterns that I drew on it. I don’t seem to have much time anymore since life gets in the way. My Mum says that a lot.

” You can do it champ,” says my dad.

” Just focus on the waves”, he said.

“Okay I’ll make you proud.” I replied.

” Focus, Focus,Focus.”

I hopped in line on the beach and patiently waited for my name to be called out. I waited and I waited and still no name.

Oh no I am waiting for the wrong heat to start. Just as that thought came into my mind, I saw my heat bolt into the water and start paddling. I hate my life !!!!!!!!!!



1. Paige can’t compete anymore

2. Paige quickly bolts out and competes with her heat.

3. She competes with the age group above.

13 thoughts on “CYOA Chapter 4

  1. I think just to make it interesting I vote for C …that she enters the age group above.
    I think she probably has the ability and the confidence to finish well!

  2. Oh no, I wouldn’t want anything more to threaten Paige’s chances at Regionals. I hope she can make her own heat (if allowed), so I vote for Option 2.

  3. Hi Tahlia,
    I think she should compete with the age group above
    Maybe she can prove that she is better than the older kids!
    Izzy I

  4. Hi Tahlia,
    I feel so sorry for Paige. Everything has gone wrong for her. I vote for option C, because it may cause some dramas and the older kids might not want her in their division.
    Hope Paige sorts things out!

  5. HI Tahlia,
    I am loving your story so far! but I feel really sorry for Paige. Hopefully things get better! I vote for option C.
    I cant wait to read the next chapter!
    Happy Blogging!
    -Lucy W

  6. Hi Tahlia,

    Your story is amazing! I love the amount of drama which has in her life! It makes the story very funny and dramatic!

    I vote for C as I think it will be a challenge for Paige. You are doing fantastic so far! Well done!

    Keep writing!

    Lily 🙂

  7. Hi Tahlia,

    It so like you to do a story about surfing and i think that it is really great, because you have chosen a topic that you known a lot about and so you can use descriptive langue a lot.

    I vote for option 3. I hope she wins!

    Sarah G

  8. Hi Tarzan,

    You have a very interesting story and the topic is quite unique. I thoroughly enjoyed it and it was easy to read because of the way you structured it! I am so glad that you were able to incorrperate aspects of surfing because it is something that you love. You have used some great language which includes describng worlds and some fugerative language so well done on that level.

    Now it is the hard part! If I chose option 1: 1. Paige can’t compete anymore. It would be a really big shock for the readers. If I picked option 2: Paige quickly bolts out and competes with her heat. It make this story quite frantic. And finally if I selected option 3: She competes with the age group above.It would craete tension. I choose option 1 because it make this story frantic.


  9. I think Paige is a very determined young lady who really wants to achieve her best. I think she has wonderful potential and should therefore challenge herself and those in the older age group. Option 3. Take care when editing Tahlia, as some of your tense is incorrect within sentences.
    Mrs W

  10. Hi Tahlie!
    Love your story so far! Love the humour! I would go for option 3. I think she is up for the challenge!
    – April 🙂

  11. Hi Tahlia,
    I love your blog the twists and problems are very engaging,
    I vote for option 3
    Keep up the great work!

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