CYOA chapter 2

As soon as I got home I ran to my bedroom and I double checked the date of regionals. I couldn’t believe it. Why did this have to happen to me and why was it on the most important week of my life?

I went down stairs to talk to my mum about my major problem but there was no way I was going to be able to talk to her if she was feeding Velvet and talking to Aunty B.

I went outside to find my dad but he was watching the footy with the boys so talking to dad was out of the question too. I tried to think who was left in my family to talk to.

So I went to the living room and I started to talk to Indi about my problem. Believe me having an important conversation with a 3 year old while she is watching Play School is harder than you might think. After about 15 minutes I was surprised how wise Indi was. She told me to follow my heart. So I took that information from my 3 year old sister and decided to go to Regionals.

At dinner I finally got time to tell my Mum about my problem. The thing I love about my Mum is that she is super understanding. She also felt bad about my decision to go to Regionals as my Mum and Summer’s Mums are besties.

You see being able to talk to my Mum at dinner is a real miracle since she has got to feed my sister and get my brothers to stop eating with their hands and throwing food. I mean seriously am I the only normal person in this family?

The problem with having a big family is that it’s impossible to have my own room, so I share with Beau. I think sharing a room with an elephant would be better than sharing it with Beau since he is messy, smelly and very annoying.

All night I just couldn’t stop thinking about Regionals or Summer. Have I chosen the right thing or not? What will Summer say? I didn’t want to ruin this week by thinking about all the bad stuff so I got myself to think about tomorrow and how it is a new day. Just at that moment I realised that tomorrow we are going to the shops to buy my new wetsuit for Regionals. I have been saving up for over a month to buy this wetsuit. It’s the Billabong mega plux girls special addition.

The next morning we woke up nice and early and headed to the shops. I had been patient all day helping Mum with the groceries, looking after Velvet and even changing a poopy nappy . YUCK. Now my last job was to buy Indi a new stuffed bunny. After that I would be holding my brand new wetsuit. We spent over an hour looking for the perfect bunny. So while Indi was still choosing, I decided to go and look at some girl’s clothing. Who would have known that leaving a 3 year old sister by herself would have been the worst mistake of my life?

When I came back from looking at the clothes I couldn’t find Indi anywhere. I looked absolutely everywhere. What was I going to tell my Mum? Well I’ve lost my 3 year old sister and I can’t find her anywhere. My life is as good as over. To top it all off the surf shop is closing in 15 minutes so there is absolutely no way I will be able to get my wetsuit before the shop closes. HELP!!!!!!!


What do you choose ?????

  1. Paige looks for Indi and finds her
  2. Paige can’t find Indi anywhere and has to tell her Mum
  3. Paige leaves Indi behind in the toy shop somewhere and goes to the surf shop to buy her wetsuit

6 thoughts on “CYOA chapter 2

  1. I think Paige is coping very well with all the busy things in her life and it is easy to understand her taking her eyes off Indi.
    I think it would be very interesting if Indi is left in the toy shop. What a place to have lots of fun especially for a three year old so I choose 3.

  2. Hi Tahlia,
    You story is outstanding. I think that it was a good choice that Paige made to go Regionals instead of her best friend’s birthday party. She received the letter from Regionals first and her best friend has a birthday party most years and going to Regionals doesn’t happen every year.
    I vote for 3 because I think that it will cause the most drama and humour.

  3. Oh dear, it is a frightening experience to lose a child in your care. I vote Option 2, this is too much for one little girl to handle.
    I love the drscriptions of your characters, so funny you had me in stitches!

  4. Poor Paige. I hope that she finds Indie because her mum would get mad. I choose option n.o 1 because It’s not like her life is over an she can get a wetsuit another day.

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