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Hello World 🌺

This term we have been reading a boo called Fish. We are reading Fish for the global read aloud.

fish is a great story about a kid called Tiger 🐯. Tigers Gender is eponymous. Fish is about Tigers journey and the tough things she is facing as she tries to  escape the war.

Our job is to draw a story board about the most 8 fascinating things that happend in chapter 8. I found Chapter 8 so intense and really fascinating and intriguing.

Here is My story board ………


Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 12.14.02 pm



Hope you enjoy

– Tahlia xx 🐬🌺

Raise your Voice !!!

Hello world

Our Task is to right a blog post about someone who inspires us or is a unsung hero.

Today I am writing about Bethany Hamilton.

Bethany has been my hero for along time now especially after I became a very passionate Surfer. Bethany’s Story is inspiring, encouraging and motivating.

Bethany was an amazing surfer she was raised by 2 die hard surfers, her parents. Bethany grew up in Hawaii surfing every day and all day. When Bethany Hamilton was 13 she was attacked by a shark and lost her left arm. Bethany Family did not think she would survive since she lost 60% of her blood. But with Bethany’s trust and faith in God she got through the terrible event. A few weeks after the attack Bethany got back on her board and started surfing again and competing. Bethany couldn’t do any of this without her trust in God. Bethany Learnt a lot through her journey. Bethany learnt that surfing  isn’t the most important thing its LOVE.

Bethany’s Story Inspired so many people especially me. Every time i feel like giving up i just think about Bethany and how she never gave up and if she ever did she would not be alive today. Every day i am Inspired by her. Its a miracle she can surf and its a miracle she is alive today.

Read Bethany Story on her website

beth Rip Curl Search

Last and final chapter !!!!!

I sat on the plane thinking how amazing my family were. They are the reason i am on this plane. If it wasn’t for them i would be sitting in my room sulking dreaming about going to Rio. They helped me raise enough money. They bought all of the food and the music. I always blamed my problems on my family when the whole time they have been trying to help me.

The plane trip was quite long. I watched sole surfer with my brother. Its the most Inspiring movie about a girl called Bethany Hamilton who loses her arm from a shark. It shows her trust in God and her passion for surfing. She ends up competing in the Hawaii finals because she knows through the grace of God she can do anything. I loved this movie and it made me motivated and ready for the competition.

We got off the plane and headed to the check out. After I thought all of my life problems were over my luggage went missing. OMG that had all my cozzies my wetsuit and my clothes. SERIOUSLY. My mum and my family had to get to the hotel because Velvet  needed to have a sleep so my dad said he would come with me to bye some more clothes and swim wear. I was so annoyed i had lost 2 of my fav cozzies.  My dad new i was upset and he tried so much to cheer me up.

“Hey mate go to the shops and bye yourself an Ice cream” Said my Dad

I went to the ice cream shop and bought my self a triple Choc ice cream and sat on the beach. My dad walked up to me and gave me a bag.

There is something special in there for you. i opened the bag and looked inside. There folded was 2 perfect cozzies and the wetsuit i had been saving up for and never got a chance to get. I jumped up and gave my dad a massive hug.

” Thank you dad” I said with a huge grin on my face.

That night i went to bed nice and early because the biggest day of my life was tomorrow.

I woke this morning with a buzz and i jumped out of bed. I got dressed and ran down stairs. I ate my breakfast as fast as lightning kissed my sisters and left the house with my dad.

Rio was amazing the beaches were perfect the water was crystal clear and had perfect waves.  I sat on the beach and started to wax my board. My dad gave me a pep talk about focusing and how to catch the perfect wave.

” Your biggest threat is Haley Jones. She is from Hawaii and she has one every Comp in Hawaii ” Said my dad

” Heat 14 please gather on the beach”

” Good luck mate go smash them”. Said my dad with a determined voice.

“Competitors take your marks get set go”

We were off. I raced into the water and paddled as fast as i could.

I just couldn’t believe i was doing a surf comp in RIO. I needed to focus i had to win.

My first waves were pretty bad. I just wasn’t concentrating. I could here my family cheering for me.

The next wave was perfect i paddled and paddled and i hopped on. I did a cut back and snapped of the top. I went down the wave and did a round house cut back. I snapped of the wave and i heard my family cheering.

” Judges give it a 8.9 great wave from Paige”Said the judges

Just as i started paddling out Hayley caught the biggest and best wave.

“Judges give her a 9.7 an amazing wave from Hayley” Thats the highest scoring of the day”.

Just as i was about to get another wave the horn blue. At that moment i knew i had come second not first. Nooooooooooooo.

As i walked of the beach my family gave me a big hug and a bunch of flowers.

I stepped onto the podium and i was given the second place trophy. As they gave it to me i heard a voice in the distance saying stop stop. The guy was red in the face he spoke quickly and i could barely understand what he was saying. I think he said Hayley Jones was a cheat.

” Hayley’s Uncle is one of the judges and thats the reason she one. Her Uncle has made her win every comp and she is a big lousy cheat ” said the man with an angry tone in his voice.

I couldn’t believe what i was hearing. I was handed the trophy and everyone started to cheer.

“Congratulations Paige Winner of the Rio Nationals ” Said the judges

” First of all i would just love to thank my amazing family because i would have never be here if it wasn’t for them. I always thought they were the reason i had a terrible life but they ant. I love all of you guys and i wouldn’t change any of you even when you are so frustrating. I love you guys so much. ” I said with the biggest grin on my face.


Stay tuned for my summery of my story 🙂

– Tahlia xx






CYOA chapter 6

I walked over to the old willow tree in the playground and sat down. My mind was stuck in my thoughts. I could barely think straight.

Summer walked over to the tree and sat next to me.

” Oh come on Paige I’m not mad at you. I would have loved you to come to my party but I am glad you went to Regionals”, said Summer.

” No it’s not that it’s just that I have made it so far with my surfing and I am about to go to nationals and now we can’t afford it” I said.

Summer and I talked for  ages coming up with ideas to raise money. Summer was my very special friend, she meant everything to me. Suddenly when I had given up hope Summer suddenly said…..

” Fundraiser. We can do a fundraiser. We can raise money by selling some of your toys and junk that’s just lying around your house”, said Summer.

” That’s a great idea. Its perfect, brilliant, super, amazing and fantabulous!

The rest of the day in my head I was planning the fundraiser .

We would have…





it would be utterly perfect.

Later that night I talked to my family about our idea and they all loved it. We all took turns in suggesting ideas of what we could sell. Everyone was saying that they can donate things to raise more money. Velvet was even suggesting things but it only came out in baby talk.

After dinner I was lying on the floor playing with Velvet when Indie came up to me with her little rabbit and said,

“Paige you have Flopsy. I am sure someone will want her and they will pay alot of money,” said Indie.

” Oh thank you Indie thats very sweet but you keep Flopsy”.

That night I lay in bed thinking about how amazing this was. Everyone in my family wanted to help.

The next few days I crossed off on my calendar all of the days leading up to the fundraiser. Everyday I would talk to Summer about the plans and we would come up with great ideas. We went shopping together and we bought decorations, balloons, ribbons, music and food. I couldn’t wait for the fundraiser, it was going to be amazing.

I woke up with a buzz. Today was the day. FUNDRAISER TIME !!!!!

All morning we worked on making the house clean setting up tables for all of the toys. Setting up food stands and getting the music ready. Everyone was working busily making food, picking flowers and making everything perfect. Indie was wearing the cutest little fairy dress. It was pink with two wings poking out the back. She had her hair in a bun and she was pouncing around the garden with a little fairy wand. Just before everyone arrived my mum wanted to get a family photo. We all stood together and smiled at the camera 1…..2……3… smile.

Everyone started to arrive. Our garden was filled with people. We all got to work selling, cooking, eating and dancing. Indie, Summer and I were in charge of toys. We sold so many we were very busy. After we had finished our jobs we walked onto the dance floor and started to dance. Summer and I picked up Indie and twirled her around. We sang to the music and danced until we fell over. The fundraiser went on for hours and I was just praying that we had raised enough money.


1. Paige raises enough money and can go to Rio

2. Paige doesn’t raise enough money

3. Paige raises enough money but it gets stolen as they are packing up from the fundraiser



CYOA Chapter 5

I went up to the manager and asked in if could compete with the age above. At first I thought my chances of even competing were very low. Then out of nowhere he said ” They are about to go now so if you can catch them you can race”.

Without thinking I gave him a massive hug and ran down to the waters edge.

” Take your marks get set go!!

We were off I ran out and paddled through the rip. As I was going out a perfect set came through. I didn’t want to miss it so I paddled onto the wave.  I went down the wave and came up and did a reentry. I cut back and snapped off the wave.

” That’s a sweet ride from Paige Hyland.” said the booming microphone.

“Scoring a 8.9, Paige is currently in the lead”.

My next few waves were pretty average and I was coming 6th. I was starting to get a tiny bit worried, the sets were really picking up.

I had five minutes left. My family has arrived and I can hear them cheering from the beach. I waited and no waves were coming. I had to get 3rd if I wanted to go to nationals.

I was siting on my board eager to get another. I was sure I wasn’t going to Nationals. Just then on the horizon  a  massive wave starts to form. It was about 10ft but I had to catch it.

The girl who was coming first had the same idea as me. We both started paddling. I was paddling so hard and was full of determination because I had to catch that wave. I paddled and paddled. I was on the wave. I jumped up. In the corner of my eye I saw a barrel forming. I haven’t had much practice catching barrels, but I had to do it. I entered the barrel. My whole life suddenly felt perfect. I was in the barrel. It was beautiful. I was in a tunnel of water. I was free. I had no worries, just pure happiness. As I exited the barrel every one was cheering.

” What a wave form Paige Hyland, 11 Years old, competing with the age group above”

“The judges give her ride a score of ten. Paige is the winner.”

I stood on the podium as proud as ever. This was the most amazing experience ever. I have actually won !!!!!

“Hello Young lady what is you name?” said the producer.

” Hi I’m Paige and I am 11 years old. ” I said proudly.

” Tell us about yourself”

” I am a very passionate surfer, I love my family and everything they do for me. This is the most amazing experience and I wouldn’t change anything. To all those surfers out their I say. No matter what just surf even if you are to young and you don’t think you could ever win, just do it if it makes you happy” I said with the biggest grin on my face.”

” Wise words from Paige. Well Paige we will see you in a week in Rio for finals” said the producer.

I ran up to my family and gave the a great big hug. They all congratulated me, I have never been happier.

” Hey Paige you did so well today Super star but we have one slight problem. The flight to Rio will cost over a thousand dollars  and at the moment we cant afford it sweetheart”, said Mum.

Just then everything came crashing down.








CYOA Chapter 4

Hello World

Last week was an absolute disaster for Paige. Losing Indie, not getting her wetsuit and having to look after Indie again after spending a whole day with her. Last week Indie decided that a computer could go in the dishwasher. Now let’s see what happens next.

Last night was a disaster. This morning was frantic. It was the day of Regionals. It started off really badly because mum had just found out about the whole computer issue. My computer has all of the applications for Regionals on it. Now we were going to have major issues.

“Oh Paige I accidentally mistook my computer for yours last night” said Toby

” So…. my computer isn’t trashed?”

” No? Well then, where’s mine?”

” Funny story.” I’ll tell you later, I have to go.”


At least one good thing happened during these last two days. I now needed to focus on the comp. My biggest threat was Lain Harley. She was the best in Sydney. I have to win if I want to go to nationals and be crowned best surfer in NSW.

I couldn’t stop thinking about Summer’s party. My mum did tell her mum that I couldn’t come but Summer was still going to kill me. If only she was here to see me shred the waves.

My family was coming down later. Dad takes me to surf comps since he is my temporary coach. Now that my computer isn’t trashed we will have no dramas. But I have lived with myself for so long their is bound to be a problem of some sort.

We signed in and headed to a shady part of the beach. My heat started in 10 minutes so I had to be nice and quick.

I hopped in my old salty wetsuit and grabbed my board. My board was covered in patterns that I drew on it. I don’t seem to have much time anymore since life gets in the way. My Mum says that a lot.

” You can do it champ,” says my dad.

” Just focus on the waves”, he said.

“Okay I’ll make you proud.” I replied.

” Focus, Focus,Focus.”

I hopped in line on the beach and patiently waited for my name to be called out. I waited and I waited and still no name.

Oh no I am waiting for the wrong heat to start. Just as that thought came into my mind, I saw my heat bolt into the water and start paddling. I hate my life !!!!!!!!!!



1. Paige can’t compete anymore

2. Paige quickly bolts out and competes with her heat.

3. She competes with the age group above.

CYOA Chapter 3

I can’t believe it. What am i going to do? I can’t find Indie anywhere. I am going to be in even more trouble since we have a Lawson’s family rule… Lawsons stick together, Lawsons care, Lawsons laugh, Lawsons always care for the little Lawsons and Lawsons don’t fight. I know it’s kind of stupid but no matter what, we always have to obey Lawson’s family rules. I am tremendously worried that this is going to jeoperdise my chance of going to Regionals.


I walk and walk around the store.

“Indie” Indie”, I call.

Suddenly, in the corner of my eye I see a little head pop up.

Oh yes it’s Indie. HALLELULJAH .


“Indie, where have you been? …Oh…doesn’t matter let’s go.”

We walk through the mall and go back to find my mum.

We eventually find Mum and I can’t wait to get out of the mall. This was the worst day of my life. I …. I lost my sister, I changed a goopy nappy and after all of that I never got my wetsuit. Believe me it wasn’t over. My brothers and I had to look after my sisters while my parents went out for dinner.


“Bye Mum, bye dad.”

Okay the aim was to stay calm. I know I had a bad day but looking after Indi will be fun.

“’Here is our schedule for tonight ” said Toby.

“Beau, you’re on dinner and the you have to play with Will. Paige, you play with Indi and do the dishwasher. I’ll be on baby duty.


“Ok Indie, do you want to help Paige with the dishwasher?’

” Yes,” said Indie.

“Just put anything that is dirty into here, ok?”

Who would of known that getting Indie to help would end in another disaster?

Indie ended up putting my computer in the dishwasher which had all of my applications for Regionals on it. So that’s a whole dream gone down the rinse cycle.



  1. The computer is all right and everything turns out fine.
  2. Indi does put the computer in the dishwasher but it turns out to be Toby’s computer.
  3. Paige’s computer gets trashed and she has major dramas at Regionals next weekend.

Skate Board design !

Hello world

These last 2 terms in ART we have been designing our own skateboards.

We got given a skateboard deck that we could design. Our design had to have a social comment such as…


Keep Our Ocean Clean


Be Happy

We had to choose a important topic and base it on our design of our board. I chose peace. Peace is important to me because I like everything being calm and I hate fighting and violence. My board represents world peace.

We were able to use lots of different materials like…

Paint, glitter, permanent markers or we could use a stencil.


Our first Steps for making amazing boards.

Step 1. First we could choose to leave our board just wood or we could paint it white.

Step.2. Next we started to sketch out our design.

Step 3. Next we started to paint our board or use permanent parkers or some different materials.

Step4. The next few weeks we were just finishing of our skateboards. Covering them with glitter and doing all of the last touches.

Last Step. The last thing to do is to gloss our boards so they will look shiny and glossy.

I was very proud of my board and I loved all the glitter.

I enjoyed this unit so much because I am passionate skateboarder. I cant wait to take my board home get wheels on it and take it for a ride.

Skateboard design

– Tahlia xx

CYOA chapter 2

As soon as I got home I ran to my bedroom and I double checked the date of regionals. I couldn’t believe it. Why did this have to happen to me and why was it on the most important week of my life?

I went down stairs to talk to my mum about my major problem but there was no way I was going to be able to talk to her if she was feeding Velvet and talking to Aunty B.

I went outside to find my dad but he was watching the footy with the boys so talking to dad was out of the question too. I tried to think who was left in my family to talk to.

So I went to the living room and I started to talk to Indi about my problem. Believe me having an important conversation with a 3 year old while she is watching Play School is harder than you might think. After about 15 minutes I was surprised how wise Indi was. She told me to follow my heart. So I took that information from my 3 year old sister and decided to go to Regionals.

At dinner I finally got time to tell my Mum about my problem. The thing I love about my Mum is that she is super understanding. She also felt bad about my decision to go to Regionals as my Mum and Summer’s Mums are besties.

You see being able to talk to my Mum at dinner is a real miracle since she has got to feed my sister and get my brothers to stop eating with their hands and throwing food. I mean seriously am I the only normal person in this family?

The problem with having a big family is that it’s impossible to have my own room, so I share with Beau. I think sharing a room with an elephant would be better than sharing it with Beau since he is messy, smelly and very annoying.

All night I just couldn’t stop thinking about Regionals or Summer. Have I chosen the right thing or not? What will Summer say? I didn’t want to ruin this week by thinking about all the bad stuff so I got myself to think about tomorrow and how it is a new day. Just at that moment I realised that tomorrow we are going to the shops to buy my new wetsuit for Regionals. I have been saving up for over a month to buy this wetsuit. It’s the Billabong mega plux girls special addition.

The next morning we woke up nice and early and headed to the shops. I had been patient all day helping Mum with the groceries, looking after Velvet and even changing a poopy nappy . YUCK. Now my last job was to buy Indi a new stuffed bunny. After that I would be holding my brand new wetsuit. We spent over an hour looking for the perfect bunny. So while Indi was still choosing, I decided to go and look at some girl’s clothing. Who would have known that leaving a 3 year old sister by herself would have been the worst mistake of my life?

When I came back from looking at the clothes I couldn’t find Indi anywhere. I looked absolutely everywhere. What was I going to tell my Mum? Well I’ve lost my 3 year old sister and I can’t find her anywhere. My life is as good as over. To top it all off the surf shop is closing in 15 minutes so there is absolutely no way I will be able to get my wetsuit before the shop closes. HELP!!!!!!!


What do you choose ?????

  1. Paige looks for Indi and finds her
  2. Paige can’t find Indi anywhere and has to tell her Mum
  3. Paige leaves Indi behind in the toy shop somewhere and goes to the surf shop to buy her wetsuit

Choose your own adventure// Paige’s Story


My name is Paige BiBi Lawson. I am 11 years old with long blonde hair and long stick-like legs.


Today started off great and ended very very bad. This is how it went.


I woke up to the sound of my brother bashing on my door telling me to hurry up. Sometimes that kid is just exhausting and I wish he would just go away. I walked downstairs and sat on the table and I started to nibble on a piece of toast. We normally eat breakfast together but since my sister was born my mum is super busy and she never gets time to stop. My little sisters take up a lot of mum’s time so then my dad has to look after the rest of us until its time for school. “Sweetie you have a letter“ said mum. I put down my toast and I start to look at the letter. It’s from Sunburn Beach headquarters. I open it and read It nice and slowly. My cheeks turn pink and I start to squeal. I got in. I actually got into regionals.


Sunburn Beach regionals is an elite surf competition where they choose the best ten competitors to compete against some of the best surf teams. I cannot believe I actually got in.


I walk up stairs and get my school uniform on and I grab my school bag. “Paige hurry up you are going to be late,” said my mum. “I’m coming ok “, I said.

Car trips with my family are the worst – crying, screaming and farting. I don’t think it can get any worse then that. Every time I have to travel with my sisters we have to listen to these songs about teddies and fairies and believe me they are so catchy that I end up signing them all day. We have a big light blue Kombi which is pretty big but it’s filled with toys and surfboards and it’s really squishy. My brothers get the back seat and then I am squished in between a booster seat and a baby capsule.


My best friends are Summer and Toby. We have been best friends since we were babies. We do everything together. We go surfing , and we go to the same school. I can’t imagine my life without them. They are like my escape from my crazy family. I can’t wait to see if they got into regionals because if so this will be everything we have wished for – being in it together.

I say goodbye and run into the school gates.


In the corner of my eye I saw someone running towards me. I couldn’t figure out who it was and then I realised it was Summer, but what was she holding ?

“Summer did you get into regional’s“ I said.

“No, but I have something even better. It’s my invitation to my party “ Summer replied .

“Wait you didn’t get in. Right, well what about Toby? “

“Nah, he didn’t either but are you coming to my party? “ Summer asked.

“Of course but when is it ?“ I asked “10th of June” Summer replied.


This has to be the worst day of my life. Her party is when regionals are on. Well I have to go to Summer’s party, she is my best friend, but then what about regionals? I thought for a minute and decided this is the right thing to do. I think.

“Of course I will come Summer”. I am so doomed.


This was going to be the best day of my life and now it is the worst. How can I choose over my best friend or my dream of winning regionals and going to nationals. This Is officially the worst day of my life and surprisingly it wasn’t my families fault.


What would you choose?

Choose the best or hardest path for Paige and see how it goes.

  1. Paige goes to regionals and lies to Summer
  2. Paige goes to Summer’s birthday and she has a great day and misses out on regionals and can’t go to Nationals